Book 1

  • 10300028_r01_032t

    Uganda, 1995 - a fishing boat moves through Lake Victoria at sunset.

  • 1brecke01

    Rwanda,1995. Orphaned brothers who lost their parents during the genocide were living on the streets of Kigali Rwanda.

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    Kilgali Rwanda, 1995. An Early shrine made from the skulls of the people who were killed in Ntarama church massacre.

  • 1mark_brecke_portfolio006_final

    Near Rusumo Rwanda, 1995. Nyarubuye Chuch.

  • 1mark_brecke_portfolio014_final

    Kigali Rwanda, 1995. Tutsi family outside the capital who survived the 1994 genocide.

  • 1mark_brecke_portfolio009_final

    Rwanda 1996, A Tutsi man lies under the horizon in the Nyarubuye church massacre site. Near Rusumo Rwanda.

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    Pristina Kosovo, 1999. Kosovar Albanian man standing in what was once the staircase of his burned home.

  • 1men_bed005_cropped

    Pristina Kosovo, 1999. Kosovar Albanian family returns to their home after spending months in a Macedonia refugee camp only to find their house had been burned.

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    Pristina Kosovo, 1999. Kosovar Albanian children playing in a empty city center on the first day NATO entered the country.

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    Kosovo, 1999. Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA. The solder on the left was wounded by a sniper just hours before the photograph was taken.

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    Kosovo Serbs, waiting to leave, Pristina, 1999.

  • Brecke_17a.jpg

    Inside a Bank, Pristina Kosovo, 1999.

  • 1chadsudanrefugees1_6_300_1

    Chad/Sudan Border, 2004. Exhausted Sudanese mother and her seven children arriving at a refugee camp in Eastern Chad.

  • 1brecke011

    Chad/Sudan border, 2004. Newly arrived persons at camps in Chad have been occasionally asked by local authorities to swear on the Koran that they are refugees of the Darfur conflict.

  • 1brecke008

    Chad/Sudan border, 2004. Oure Caqsoni refugee camp.

  • 1brecke012

    Chad/Sudan border 2004. Oure Cassoni refugee camp: a mother trying to build a structure that will replicate her home back in Darfur.

  • 1_dsf0555

    Darfur Sudan, 2004. Traveling with SLA rebels in the mountainous desert region.

  • 1brecke007

    North Darfur, 2004. A tense SLA rebel stands guard following a Sudanese army ambush.

  • 1brecke009

    Darfur, 2004. A victim of a recent janjaweed attack, this man is in a North Darfur hospital recovering from gunshot wounds.

  • 1tayseer_lights_pipe2

    Ramallah, West Bank, 2002 - Palestinian artist Tayseer Barakat at home in his studio. For the multimedia story "Art, Occupation, and Fear" about the contemporary art scene through the eyes of Israeli and Palestinian artists during the secound Intifada.

  • 1arafat_s_destroyed_compound

    Ramallah, West Bank, 2002. Palestinians protesting in front of Yasser Arafat's destroyed compound during the second Intifata.

  • 1muhammad0

    A "shell shocked" girl with her mother in a hospital in An Nasiriyah, Iraq, April 2003.

  • 1brecke014

    Nasiriyah, Iraq, April, 2003. When on patrol with the marines we broke open a warehouse, inside we found brand new "western style" porcelain toilets broken into pieces. No damage was done to the building. No explanation to as why there were broken unboxed toilets piled as high as 6 ft.

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  • 1wheelchairatwall1

    Washington D.C., 1997 - A Vietnam veteran and his family visiting the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. Still photograph used in the film War As a Second Languge.

  • 1_dsc6921

    The sun going down on the old city. Mogadishu, Somalia. (2014)

  • 1_dsc6864

    On night patrol with AMISOM police, Mogadishu, Somalia. (2014)

  • 1_dsc6882

    A bicycle shop stays open late. Mogadishu, Somalia. (2014)